Today, on the Being Whole podcast, we kick off season three with my sweet friend Tiffany Williams! Tiffany, owner of Aud & El Apothecary, believes that creating an environment, internally and externally, that is soothing and calming should be a priority in all our lives. She believes that our mind, body, home and soul are the core of who we are and that it is essential we nurture those sacred pillars of life. Specializing in mindfulness self-care Tiffany teaches about the benefits of mindfulness and how to bring self-care into your everyday life. At Aud & El you will find products to help ease you into a softer way of life, such as our monthly candle subscription Light Box, but you will also find community, support, ideas and suggestions all designed to bring you peace and comfort.
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I was recently on Tiffany’s podcast called Self Care Simplified, discussing the beauty of understanding ourselves! You can listen to that episode via the link below:

Also, I wanted to just let you know that if you’ve been finding boundaries and conflict difficult in your relationships, but wish that it would be more connected and understanding, I’d love to work with you in a one-on-one format to help you strengthen your relationships and communication. You can DM me on Instagram @DrCassandraLeclair or email me at so we can discuss what that would look like for you.


  1. ADHD has an unfortunate stigma attached to it. Not everyone is bouncing off the walls out of control. Some are introverted and calm, with too many tabs open.
  2. Life circumstances can almost always justify your overwhelm, so the possibility of ADHD isn’t the first thought for many.
  3. Sometimes, forcing yourself to make decisions slowly, when possible, can be a pivotal change in how you run your business or live your life.
  4. Being open about your challenges with those you regularly interact with, like a boss or people close to you, can help bring understanding and an opportunity to see that there may be a way to meet in the middle between what you can realistically do and what others expect from you.
  5. Hone in on what you’re good at and delegate anything else you can, because there is no shame in asking for help. You won’t be able to do everything, even everything that OTHERS can do easily.
  6. When noticing someone else being a bit harsh or unkind, learning to come at it with a curious point of view and wondering what is going on behind the scenes can help you humanize others without defining them by their decisions.