Creating Personal Transformation through Gamification

Today, on the Being Whole podcast, I welcome Sandra Love! Sandra is a transformational systems specialist consulting & empowering integrity-driven leaders, high end executives, and business owners with emotional intelligence & big business success solutions through gamification, certification & reconciliation. She’s designed a fun (and powerful) board game that focuses on personal growth and healing.

Do you love public speaking and wish you could get paid to do so? I’ve got the gal for you! I recently graduated from Jess Eckstrom’s Mic Drop Academy. I was a little hesitant to sign up because I’ve been disappointed from other coaches and courses. But through speaking with Jess and her incredible team, I took a chance. Now, I’m feeling empowered and am confident that I will be making money using my speaking superpower. If you are craving something like this, I will link the opportunity in the show notes. But the doors won’t be open long, so please don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Here are a few of my TAKEAWAYS from today’s episode.
1-Your bliss is something that you uncover through asking yourself the hard questions and then learning to dance with it. Bliss isn’t a one size fits all prescription, but it’s beautiful once you are open about your journey.
2-You can bring fun into your healing through games as Sandra has created.
3-The ultimate love you can find in life is the self-control within us, so we don’t feel the need to control people or situations.
4-A $150,000 car won’t fulfill you if you haven’t faced the hard questions and done the inner work to heal.
5-Making friends with your shadows and learning how to walk your daily walk without having shame is one of the most important things you can do to feel true joy and alignment.

Entrepreneurship and Overcoming Lack of Motivation

Today on the Being Whole podcast, I welcome Paul Getter! He is a friend first and a top-tier internet marketer second. Paul’s internet marketing career began in desperation. Recently fired and without prospects, he discovered the power of social media. Without any formal education in marketing, he committed himself to learn every aspect of social media marketing. Fast forward a few years, and he has now spent over one billion dollars running ads and campaigns for his clients, is in the top 1% of ad spenders on Facebook, and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. But Paul knows that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are just tools. They’re not the objective. The objective is to get results for his clients. In this episode, we learn more about how Paul got to where he is today, plus he shares advice for those of us who lack motivation or who are feeling like we are on a hamster wheel trying to find this coveted money-making passion for exploding our careers as entrepreneurs.

Do you love public speaking and wish you could get paid to do so? I’ve got the gal for you! I recently graduated from Jess Eckstrom’s Mic Drop Academy. I was a little hesitant to sign up because I’ve been disappointed from other coaches and courses. But through speaking with Jess and her incredible team, I took a chance. Now, I’m feeling empowered and am confident that I will be making money using my speaking superpower. If you are craving something like this, I will link the opportunity in the show notes. But the doors won’t be open long, so please don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Here are a few of my takeaways from my conversation with Paul
1- If you find yourself frustrated with where you currently are and being hard on yourself for not being further ahead, take a pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. Give yourself credit for all the work you’ve done so far.
2- Don’t let a bad hair day prevent you from showing up and sharing a message or story that can impact or help others.
3-If you come to your relationships with a sense of serving instead of asking, you’ll create authentic connections. As Paul did, you may as well find that it pays off for you in ways you never thought possible.
4- You may not become successful in doing something you’re passionate about. You may see an opportunity to offer something that pays the bills, and along the way, you open yourself up to learning about new things that could ultimately become a passion for you.

Mental Health Advocacy for Children (with the Neurodiverse Teacher)

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston (The NeuroDiverse Teacher) is an Education Consultant currently living and working in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Her areas of focus as an education consultant are K-12 and Corporate mental health and neurodiversity engagement.

As an education consultant, she has worked with thousands of students and families in addition to some of the major global management consulting firms. After more than 15 years in the school setting, Dr. Eccleston left classroom teaching to significantly amplify her impact on mental health and neurodiversity approaches in schools and workplace settings.

In 2022, Dr. Eccleston was selected as one of WomLEAD Magazine’s Leaders Shaping Women’s Entrepreneurships Future. In August 2022, she participated in season 5 of The Blox- The Largest Competition TV Show on The Planet for Startups.

Dr. Eccleston’s education history includes a Doctor of Education in Mind, Brain, & Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University, and a Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Hood College. She is an Adjunct Professor at Towson University in their Secondary and Special Education Graduate Programs. Additionally, she is a National Board-Certified Teacher, Exceptional Needs Specialist and holds an Advanced Professional Educator Certificate.

When she isn’t working to advance mental health and neurodiversity in the education and corporate setting, Dr. Eccleston loves spending time with her family and taking on new and exciting adventures.

I wanted to let you know that I have TWO spots open for one on one transformation with me inside of a 3 month container. We will focus on your boundaries, your relational communication and how you can move forward in a way that helps you feel whole. DM me the word COACHING on Instagram (@DrCassandraLeClair) to get more info on working together.

1-There are times when everything seems to be going wrong or against your plan. But ultimately, it may be setting you up for an opportunity that you had never thought was an option for you before.
2-Going to therapy can help you see your boundaries clearly that help set you up to navigate your focus or energy in the future to avoid hitting a mental wall.
3- Little things can definitely put you over the edge after being in fight or flight for so long with ADHD or PTSD. Voicing your limits and asking for help or delegating tasks can be an option to take a weight off of you.
4-It is completely normal to be high energy at one point of the day and then completely drained and treading water at another point of the day. Giving yourself grace and knowing that this is all part of the process or healing can be really helpful, even though it can be hard.
5- Stress is going to come no matter what, but it’s better to cope with it in the healthiest way you can WHEN it happens without worrying about when and how it will happen ahead of time.
6-Getting help is more accessible than ever to help you heal from your traumas. We will include different links to start your journey to get help on your mental health journey in the show notes below.

What Your Attachment Style Really Means

On today’s episode of the Being Whole podcast, we welcome Dr. Beth Ribarsky. Dr. Beth Ribarsky (Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is a professor in the School of Communication and Media at the University of Illinois Springfield, where she teaches courses in interpersonal communication and public speaking. Dr. Ribarsky’s research focuses on the social construction of individual and relational identities. Specifically, much of her research is devoted to understanding the communication surrounding romantic relationships as well as sexual communication. Her research has been published in numerous academic journals, and she has written/co-edited two books: Activities for Teaching Gender and Sexuality in the University Classroom and Activate Your Superpower: Creating Compelling Communication. Her work has been featured in popular outlets, such as The Washington Post, Yahoo News, Bustle and NPR. She is an active member of the Central States Communication Association. And, Dr. Ribarsky integrates her communication knowledge into the Springfield community as an advocate for animal welfare, serving as a fundraiser chair, social media director, and communication consultant for Illinois Humane.

You can find more info about Beth below:

Hopefully this episode doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the defensive because of your attachment styles in relationships. Did you know that I offer corporate training for businesses and organizations? I love getting to do lunch and learns or workshops! If you, or someone you know, is looking to strengthen a team with communication skills, burnout prevention, conflict management, and resolution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @DrCassandraLeClair with the word CORPORATE to learn more about how we can work together and bring growth to the spaces you need help with.

Here are a few of my takeaways from this episode:
1-Your attachment style is a lot of times molded by how you established independence in your first year of life. However, life trauma that you may experience can influence your attachment style to change.
2-People have different needs for stability and this looks different for each love language.
3-Just because you wish you could be a different attachment style doesn’t mean that you can switch. The more important factor is to become secure with your own attachment style and communicate that to others.
4-By learning your attachment style and the attachment styles of people you regularly communicate with, you can understand where someone is coming from and why they do the things they do without taking things personally for the Most part.
5- Just because someone isn’t meeting your needs, that doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed. It requires communication to get on the same page in order to work well together.

Sharing Stories and Building a Business on Social Media

Today on the Being Whole podcast, I’m discussing with Katie Love how she got into this social media business and how she’s navigated motherhood and up-leveling in her company. Katie got her start in the news industry, from stations all across the country to the Today Show and The White House. While covering the news wasn’t her true calling, it did develop a strong storytelling talent and a desire to connect with people. Katie understood the power social media was gaining and wanted to use it to help female-led businesses thrive—while also easing the pressure and stress that comes with running a business. So, with a strong support system and a leap of faith, she started Love Social Media. These days, Katie enjoys helping her clients take social media off their plates and loves managing her talented, family-like team.

You can find more of Katie’s content and offers here:

I have TWO spots open for one-on-one transformation with me inside of a 3-month container. We will focus on your boundaries, your relational communication, and how you can move forward in a way that helps you feel whole. DM me the word COACHING on Instagram (@DrCassandraLeClair) to get more info on working together.

Here are a few takeaways from my episode with Katie.
1-Hiring a team can be a daunting but necessary next step to growing your business. You, as one person, can max out very quickly if you don’t start bringing on team members to help you show up as your best self in your business.
2-Working for a small business, you’ll find that it’s more likely that management or ownership will take your needs into consideration because you are seen as a human and not just an employee badge number.
3-Being a leader or business owner is a delicate dance that we do to find the balance of work and home to maintain a healthy relationship with your responsibilities without burning out.
4- Your business journey may look completely different than your wildest dreams. But as Katie has shown, you can lean into curiosity and make big things happen for not only yourself but for your family and so many others around the world.
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The Learning Curve of Coming Out as Gay Later in Life

Today, on the Being Whole podcast, I welcome my ex-husband, Cale Underberg.  Cale is a Civil Engineer and father of two living in San Antonio, TX.  A South Dakota native and graduate of South Dakota State University, Cale has lived in the San Antonio area since 2008.  Prior to living in Texas, Cale lived in Lincoln, NE for four years.  While in Nebraska, Cale started working for the consulting engineering firm he has been with for the past 18 years.  Licensed as a Professional Engineer in three states, Cale has presented his work at regional and national conferences and served as South Texas Chapter President for the national Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization.  Cale enjoys the arts, traveling, outdoor adventure and spending time working out.  Outdoor adventure has included hiking all across the US, climbing a 14,000+ peak in Colorado, completing multiple full and half marathons, kayaking, paddle boarding and biking.  Cale aspires to randomly finding a large pallet of one hundred dollar bills, retiring from working and traveling the world to experience people, cultures and the planet.

I wanted to let you know that I have TWO spots open for one on one transformation with me inside of a 3 month container. We will focus on your boundaries, your relational communication and how you can move forward in a way that helps you feel whole. DM me the word COACHING on Instagram (@DrCassandraLeClair) to get more info on working together.

Here are a few of my takeaways form this conversation!
 1- Growing up and, even subconsciously knowing you are gay, not having anyone in your life who is gay to set an example can feel confusing. It sometimes takes being in the right time and right place where you feel fully confident to step into your true self.
2- There may be a learning curve in adjusting to life once you come out, but there is a huge community navigating it all that you can reach out to for support.
3- People from your past may have a lot of trouble coming to terms with your lifestyle, which is why having healthy outlets and a support system is crucial to be in a good place mentally and emotionally.
4-Like Cale is firm on his Monday boundaries; it’s important for your mental health not to overextend yourself and to draw a line in the sand in order to make sure you have time for yourself regularly (and predictably, if possible).

Preventing (and Rebounding From) Burnout as a Wellness Professional

Today, we have Carissa Floyd on The Being Whole podcast. Carissa is passionate about connecting experiences! She knows what it’s like to feel disconnected physically, relationally, and spiritually. The theme of connection is present in all of her endeavors. Carissa believes that connection is ours to come home to and that our journey of coming back to ourselves can be joyful and simple, and it’s way more fun in community! You can find Carissa around town in New Braunfels, TX teaching Pilates at her studio downtown, meeting other wellness pros through her new organization, The New Braunfels Wellness Collective, going out to eat with her amazing husband, and taking her son out for ice cream.

Did you know that I offer corporate training for businesses and organizations? I love getting to do lunch and learns or workshops! If you, or someone you know, is looking to strengthen a team with communication skills, burnout prevention, conflict management, and resolution, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @DrCassandraLeClair with the word CORPORATE to learn more about how we can work together and bring growth to the spaces you need help with.

1- It takes practice to tune into your body and learn to listen to what it needs, and in turn, follow through to provide love and care for yourself in the right way. Give yourself grace in knowing that each day may look different in what your body needs from you.
2-You may find yourself not loving the structure that you’ve put into place within your business. There are times and moments of clarity that force you to take a hard look at what is working and feeling good to you as a business owner and what you wish you could do without. But in those moments, you have the opportunity to forge a new path that feels more aligned with what your soul craves.
3-We are all growing together, and we all have our own struggles. The more we understand that we are, in fact, a collective, the better experiences we will have.
4-It’s never too late to connect with your body and inspire change in how you feel within your own skin. Lean into healers trained to help you heal and feel connected because you are worthy of feeling great in your body as you learn to live your best life.


Today, on the podcast, we have Iesha Williams. Iesha is a former high school teacher turned content creator and coach. Iesha has over 10 years in the education industry at the secondary and post-secondary level including teaching, mentoring, curriculum design, adjunct instructor, instructional coach, and more. She holds a Master’s of Education, Principal Certification, and over 500 hours of completing and presenting Professional Development. Over the last two years, Iesha has combined her love of fashion and helping others to create ieshasinsight, LLC, a fashion and lifestyle brand. By helping others monetize their social media through working with brands, creating their own brand, and everything in between, Iesha has been able to help dozens of clients achieve their social media goals.On today’s episode, we speak about life as a social media influencer, letting our strengths work FOR us in a new role, and how to navigate inconsistent or unpredictable money flow.

To get one on one boundaries and communication coaching with ME, inside of a three month container, DM me over on Instagram @DrCassandraLeClair for more info!

1- Showing up on social media continually pushes you to be more disciplined because there are days when you won’t feel motivated to post anything. But there’s a beauty in being your own boss that allows you to put up boundaries for yourself to protect your energy and mental health.
2-There are times when you are worried about what others say (or may say) about you when you step into a new role, but you may find yourself met with an outpouring of support from those that know and love you as if it’s inevitable for you to do something like this.
3-Life is not about chasing the dollar. You have the power to say no to opportunities that don’t feel in alignment for you in situations where you and the other party may not be a good fit for each other. Even though this may bring up old money stories, there needs to be this undercurrent or belief that the money is coming from somewhere.
4-It’s possible to have a day job while also exploring your passion on the side. This is a stable way to start a new lifestyle while still having money coming in regularly. It’s rare and unrealistic to quit your day job and go full in on a passion if you’re just at the beginning stages without proof of concept or income yet.


Today, we have Patricia Goodman Hayward on the show. Patricia holds an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in the College of Professional Studies. In addition, she developed the concentration in Cross-cultural Communication for the master’s in Corporate and Organizational Communication. She earned her Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership from The George Washington University and Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. She is certified in the communications effectiveness methodology, CQ Cultural Intelligence, and is an Intercultural Communication Edge Trainer, ICEdge. She has such a lovely mission all about cultural transformation that I cannot wait to share with you today. Let’s dive into today’s episode.

Women Community leaders and their impact global change makers
LINKED IN GROUP: Recognizing Women Community Leaders on a Global Scale

I wanted to let you know that I have TWO spots open for one on one transformation with me inside of a 3 month container. We will focus on your boundaries, your relational communication and how you can move forward in a way that helps you feel whole. DM me the word COACHING on Instagram (@DrCassandraLeClair) to get more info on working together.

1- You can highlight female leaders while also being inclusive to the men in your community. Men can be a positive support to your mission as well.
2- Sharing your story is impactful, but including reflection and prompts or questions at the end of chapters can really take your writing to the next level for the reader.
3- By diving in on different cultures, you can see how social media can both connect us as a collective but also how much impact it can have within the smaller local community.
4-The more we question things or people in the world, the more we can open up ourselves for new ideas or new understandings in a beautifully vulnerable way.
5- What “success” is isn’t always defined by whether you hit a goal in sales or revenue, but rather how many lives were impacted in a positive way because of the project.

How Big Name Coaches Are Gaslighting You

Today on the Being Whole podcast, we welcome Rachael Kay Albers! Rachel is a creative director, and brand strategist for businesses that burn the rulebook. When she’s not working with rulebreakers and renegades to set fire to the box instead of thinking inside it, she writes and educates about the intersection of branding, pop culture, tech, and identity. She hosts Marketing Muckraking, the podcast that asks “What is brand culture doing to us?”
This conversation is incredibly validating and eye opening. Let’s not waste any more time and just dive in!


1. There will always be coaches or marketers who sell you on the idea that THEY were sold to. Overnight successes are rare, so let’s be aware of the red flags that may be popping up when considering signing up for a course or coaching experience.
2. If you’re not seeing the success that you’ve been silently (or not so silently) promised from a course, know that you are in the majority. Most people are NOT seeing the successes, but it’s not about anything you did wrong through your experience. It’s about the misleading projections that were sold to you.
3. The stakes are higher now and with so many having experienced financial hardships, we’ve become desperate in finding something to save us. At the end of the day, courses are rarely the answer.
4. The system is designed to consistently sell us what is next. It’s not designed to actually fulfill us and help us succeed. Being aware that there’s always going to be something else as an upsell can help us be more mindful of our decisions.

The Fitness Industry: What’s Broken and Where to Go From Here

Today, we have Dr. Darian Parker on the show. He earned his Ph.D in Sports Education Leadership with an emphasis in Behavior Modification from UNLV. He earned his Master and Bachelor degrees from James Madison University in Kinesiology. Dr. Parker is a certified personal trainer through the NSCA. Dr. Parker has been in the fitness and wellness business for 21 years. Throughout the course of Dr. Parker’s career he has served several roles in the fitness and wellness industry. 

He has worked extensively in both the academic and private club sector as a Director of Education for a Career College, General Manager of a high end luxury residential fitness club and National Director of Fitness for a global leisure management company. 

Currently, Dr. Parker is the Co-Owner of Epic Leisure Management LLC., the Owner of Parker Personal Training LLC. and the co-founder of a podcast host and guest connector platform, F.EM. Dr. Parker is a featured writer and presenter for national fitness organizations. Dr. Parker is also the host/creator of Dr. D’s Social Network, a podcast devoted to genuine, open and honest conversations with people from all over the world.

Now, let’s dive into the episode!

My episode with Dr. Parker on HIS podcast:

1-Exercise isn’t always about losing weight, but also for building a healthy relationship with our minds as well. You may find that the mental benefits often are more motivating to move your body than molding your body to look a certain way.
2-When we start interweaving different types of support or education, we can offer a broader spectrum of mental AND physical fitness.
3-Just because you may enjoy exercising, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are meant to be a trainer. There is so much more that goes into being able to hold that role and provide what your clients will need.
4-Understanding your personal reasons, as a whole, for moving your body can help you feel more connected to exercise and appreciate it more.
5-Having proper training not only sets YOU up for success as a trainer, but also ensures that your clients will be more successful as well. Not having proper training can be a dangerous position for you and anyone you offer to help.
6-Saying yes to everything just for monetary gain doesn’t always come from a place of integrity. Spend time working on yourself and also truly seeing others and the what is really behind the curtain. 


On today’s episode, we welcome Investor, serial entrepreneur, and coach, Emi Kirschner! Her mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to build their empires and reach beyond 7 figures by helping them build more profitable businesses. Masterfully combining her deeply intuitive abilities with her analytical sense and her 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience, Emi helps ambitious women business owners disrupt the status quo and become leaders in their industry by teaching real world strategies, not just the latest fad marketing tactic. Emi is the host of the Tribe of Leaders Podcast where she dives into deep conversations with entrepreneurial thought leaders and visionaries who share their experiences of building their empire.

IG: @theemikirschner

If you’re having a challenging time setting and sticking to your boundaries in the workplace, I’d love to help you learn how to communicate effectively and voice your needs. DM me @DrCassandraLeClair on Instagram with the word WORKPLACE, and we can start your transformation!

1. Sometimes, just by providing help to others, you’ll be hit with the realization that you are meant to do something.
2. You are absolutely qualified to do things that you may not have certification for. Overcoming that imposter syndrome is challenging, but there are definitely ways for you to step into the new space once you embrace help.
3. Having a support system in business is amazing, but having an outside perspective like a coach can bring so much clarity and forward movement that you may be lacking in other areas.
4. There are coaches that are willing to help from point A to point L and walk you through the process instead of giving you advice and expecting you to follow through on your own. If you need extra hand-holding, there are coaches out there that will happily do that.
5. Vocalizing your needs can lead to beautiful moments that help you lighten your load.


Today, on the Being Whole podcast, we kick off season three with my sweet friend Tiffany Williams! Tiffany, owner of Aud & El Apothecary, believes that creating an environment, internally and externally, that is soothing and calming should be a priority in all our lives. She believes that our mind, body, home and soul are the core of who we are and that it is essential we nurture those sacred pillars of life. Specializing in mindfulness self-care Tiffany teaches about the benefits of mindfulness and how to bring self-care into your everyday life. At Aud & El you will find products to help ease you into a softer way of life, such as our monthly candle subscription Light Box, but you will also find community, support, ideas and suggestions all designed to bring you peace and comfort.
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I was recently on Tiffany’s podcast called Self Care Simplified, discussing the beauty of understanding ourselves! You can listen to that episode via the link below:

Also, I wanted to just let you know that if you’ve been finding boundaries and conflict difficult in your relationships, but wish that it would be more connected and understanding, I’d love to work with you in a one-on-one format to help you strengthen your relationships and communication. You can DM me on Instagram @DrCassandraLeclair or email me at so we can discuss what that would look like for you.


  1. ADHD has an unfortunate stigma attached to it. Not everyone is bouncing off the walls out of control. Some are introverted and calm, with too many tabs open.
  2. Life circumstances can almost always justify your overwhelm, so the possibility of ADHD isn’t the first thought for many.
  3. Sometimes, forcing yourself to make decisions slowly, when possible, can be a pivotal change in how you run your business or live your life.
  4. Being open about your challenges with those you regularly interact with, like a boss or people close to you, can help bring understanding and an opportunity to see that there may be a way to meet in the middle between what you can realistically do and what others expect from you.
  5. Hone in on what you’re good at and delegate anything else you can, because there is no shame in asking for help. You won’t be able to do everything, even everything that OTHERS can do easily.
  6. When noticing someone else being a bit harsh or unkind, learning to come at it with a curious point of view and wondering what is going on behind the scenes can help you humanize others without defining them by their decisions.


Cassandra sits down and opens up about a hard time she’s been going through this past week and gives advice on how to work through our emotions instead of numbing out.

We are all human and don’t always “get it right”, but we are able to make different decisions once we are aware of our habits or patterns.

Join Cassandra for her webinar THURSDAY, JUNE 16th at 1:30 PM EDT by registering below:


Infusing Patterns of Healing Into Your Daily Life

Cassandra sits down and shares a bit about her time spent healing in the desert and why it’s so important that we make space for healing.

Healing doesn’t always have to be a luxurious stay away from home. Cassandra gives examples of how you can incorporate healing easily in your life right now and even takes us down memory lane in reflection of past things that, while they may seem simple to most, really positively influenced her healing.

This is the end of season two of the Being Whole podcast, and we can’t wait to share more with you after this break.

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Navigating Relationship Conflict

Today’s episode is a bit different because I’ve been knocked down this past week with COVID. Because I didn’t want to miss an episode this week, and because many are curious about how I lead in the classroom, I invite you to enjoy a throwback lecture today! I believe there are a lot of great points to be digested and I’m excited to hear your takeaways!

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Today, I sit down and speak with a young mom named Lupita! Lupita is a mom of 3 with PTSD. She lived through child sexual abuse and a couple of addictions. Now, Lupita makes videos on Instagram to connect with others on similar healing journeys and is also working on a podcast to help people in the same place she was by offering support and tools that can help.

Here are a few takeaways from today’s episode with Lupita.
1. Once you find yourself entering motherhood, there are times that you may be faced with your past trauma. It’s so important to be aware and be open to doing the work to heal these wounds in order to offer the most solid foundation for your children.
2. It’s important to find a healthy outlet to release your feelings.  Lupita found a beautiful way to offer support along her healing journey by making videos on Instagram.
3. It’s so powerful to be open and curious with your medical providers to find medication that works for you. Not all medications will work well with your body, and as our bodies are always speaking to us, listen to what it is saying to you and ask for help from your medical provider if something doesn’t feel right.
4. When you begin to look at your past trauma, you may think it’s a small thing and then realize how much is really hidden underneath that is needing to also be healed.

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Today on the Being Whole podcast, we welcome Jenn Fieldman! Jenn has been working in the mental health space in some capacity for nearly 25 years. She had roles such as college counselor, guidance counselor, community mental health, and wilderness therapist for recovery centers. Since 2014, Jenn has worked solely in private practice working with couples and individuals, focusing on healing trauma to help reconnect people with themselves and each other.

Takeaways from this episode:
1. It may take time to find a great fit in a therapist, but trial and error can lead to a very comforting and connected relationship with the right person.
2. Having therapy meetings online can provide a bit of a learning curve to get used to it, but it can be a really amazing option so you’re in your own safe space while showing up very vulnerably.
3. The pandemic has been a great opportunity for us to take a step back and analyze how we feel in relationships or areas of our lives. With perspective, we can become more aware of what we want in our future and make decisions in order to create a life that we love.
4. Through therapy, you really add so many tools to your tool belt to encourage lifelong healing. Finding your person to deep dive with is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in life and relationships.
5. Connection doesn’t mean that you have an overflow of acquaintances. It’s about being aware of what you’re connecting with and what the quality of your connection is.

You can find more info about Jenn via the link below:

Connect with Dr. Cassandra LeClair below:


Today, Cassandra discusses the mind/body connection in her healing journey after childhood sexual assault and abuse and touches on how her lupus journey has been intertwined.

It can be overwhelming when you find yourself in a moment of panic from trauma memories being triggered.

Cassandra shares how she self regulates and honors her body in the moment of panic, which you might find helpful!

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Today, we have Delashawn Bordeaux joining us on the podcast for a powerfully relatable conversation. She is the founder of Speak Our Truth Inc. As a survivor of sexual abuse, Delashawn started the organization “to provide a safe place for men and women across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex as they adjust to life after sexual abuse and regain power and confidence while on their journey to healing and redefinition of who they are and what they are meant to be.” (from the Speak Our Truth website;

Grab your ticket to the event for April 23rd in Arlington, Texas!

Speak Our Truth Instagram: Cassandra’s Instagram:

Healing Patterns of Generational Trauma | Being Whole Podcast

Texas State Alum Zachary Perkins joins me today on the podcast!

My TAKEAWAYS from this episode with Zachary are:
1. When you open up the door to writing about one experience in your life, you may unexpectedly find yourself opening up a box of many experiences (both amazing and painful).
2. For many of us, especially those of us that avoid confrontation, writing your unfiltered thoughts and feelings can be incredibly cathartic. Real life isn’t meant to be polished and perfect, so through writing, we can embrace our own truth and find peace in what was.
3. In unpacking traumatic experiences, you may find that you have the opportunity to explain the situations from your perspective to others that were there in the moment. In doing so, many times it is very eye opening for others to understand how the event affected you.
4. Everyone’s healing journey is so personal and unique. What helps one person may not help the next person. Take any advice you get with gratitude but also have the knowing that the road will have twists and turns in finding what works for YOU in each moment.
5. Resiliency is a beautiful thing that is within you and, in divine timing, that tool will be found in your back pocket to help you push through and rise above a situation.

Check him out on Instagram here:

Grab his book here

See Zachary’s documentary below:

Finding Happiness After Divorce

Nayana has 18+ years experience managing programs and projects for the government and private sectors. In her most recent role, she has managed the public affairs department of a federal government entity in Florida. She owns a training business centered on soft skills like communication, leadership, and teamwork. She is focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training. She lives in Saint Augustine, Florida with her family. Nayana also writes and performs her own music.

I created a self care guide to help you get intentional with your practice along with a routine tracker to ensure you are showing up and caring for yourself in the ways that you crave the most. Head over to Instagram and DM me, @DrCassandraLeClair, the term “Self Care” and I will send you the link to get the download!

Takeaways from today’s episode:
1. If you’re not aware of what you’re doing in the moment, you may wake up one day and realize you’re deep in debt or have gone down a rabbit hole you may not be proud of. Grief is hard, so give yourself grace and be proud that you’re doing the best you can in the moment.
2. GOOD enough is good enough when you are going through the day to day when you might not be mentally present. Celebrate the little ways you are showing up even when you feel insane resistance to do so.
3. Divorce can be messy and everyone in the situation processes things differently. This is important to remember this in order to honor and respect everyone’s healing journey.
4. If you’re feeling unhappy in a relationship, take a look at how you’ve grown as a person and how the relationship supports your evolution as a human. Sometimes, we wake up and realize that it’s time to put ourselves first and allow ourselves to change our mind about our relationships.
5. Meditation can be such a positively powerful tool to calm your body and allowing yourself to be in the flow to listen to the guidance meant for you that ultimately leads you to next level joy.

Thanks so much for listening, I hope you found comfort in listening to this conversation today!


Today, we have my friend Julie Afsahi joining us from Soul Strong Yoga!Julie is a mother, yoga and meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and passionate yoga practitioner. Yoga has been Julie’s life support and allowed her to regain mobility after years of dealing with a rare neuromuscular disease. Julie is a big believer in sharing the practice of yoga and meditation to all and has rich insight when it comes to adaptive yoga.

Prior to opening Soul Strong Yoga, Julie was a teacher and instructional designer, designing online trainings for tens of thousands of educators. Julie leads a business mentorship program for yoga teachers and entrepreneurs and is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher. You can study yoga and mindfulness with her at virtually at or in-person at

There’s so much going on and our attention is being pulled in 1,000 directions (or so it feels) and, often times, we find ourselves neglecting our self care. I created a self care guide to help you get intentional with your practice along with a routine tracker to ensure you are showing up and caring for yourself in the ways that you crave the most.

Head over to Instagram and DM me the term “Self Care” and I will send you the link to get the download!

1. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, even inward. This is such a powerful practice when we are so out of control with our bodies with disease or conditions.
2. Sitting still with ourselves can be a very uncomfortable thing to adjust to. But through yoga, you can learn what your body is trying to tell you. It’s a journey to become self aware and truly in tune with how to care for yourself in your days.
3. Through yoga, you build your own security and warm embrace instead of depending on other people to hold space for us.
4. Some days are really hard and, even if you have a long list of exciting things to do in your day, your body may dictate otherwise. As frustrating as it may be, it’s important to accept if you need to cancel or need to rest when it’s inconvenient.
5. You may see the path you WANTED to take unfolding for someone else and feel a wave of grief around what could have been if you weren’t navigating health challenges.
6. Parenting is a very challenging journey as you cannot always be as present as you wanted to be at different points in your illness.


Today, I welcome my friend Jessica Hille. She is a real estate agent, a mother, a wife, and her passion for life is refreshing. Her mental health journey and her love for people intertwined to point her in the right direction in her career. She shares about how she curbs the negativity in her own thoughts, expresses her boundaries and holds them, and how she has learned to move forward in life while loving herself.

1. You don’t know what experience will end up thrusting you into personal development and truly taking a step back and assessing so many areas in life.
 2. When making a big change in life, you’ll find yourself looking for support in ways you may not have had before.
3. When you have a demanding job or are juggling many hats, it’s important to schedule time off on a regular basis to recharge and avoid professional burnout.
4. When we overextend for other people and that effort is applauded, we don’t even realize there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.
5. Even if you WANT to do something or even if what you are doing is something that is GOOD for the world, like volunteering, you have to really evaluate how much is on your plate and say no.
6.Our inner dialogue is such a huge clue if we’ve been giving enough love to ourselves. If you realize you’re being unkind to yourself, then it may be a really great time to see how you can give more love to yourself than to others.

If you loved today’s episode, head over to Instagram and share your thoughts! You can find me at


Today on the podcast, we have Miranda Lee is a faith-based Health and Confidence Coach who loves to help busy go-getters build confidence through food freedom, fitness and faith. She is a certified personal trainer and has her B.S. in Applied Health Science. She is a wife, dog mom, and daughter of Christ. Miranda is the host of a top ranking nutrition and mental health podcast, The M-Powered Podcast. Miranda is a huge mental health and eating disorder awareness advocate, and recovering perfectionist. She believes that it is totally possible to eat the foods you love, prioritize mental health, and stop over-training, all while still reaching your health goals. It’s time to #ditchdietculture and start falling in love with yourself!

YOU CAN FIND MIRANDA HERE: And Cassandra can be found at:

A few TAKEAWAYS from today’s episode:
1. Fitness is not a one size fits all. It can look different for everyone and can be unhealthy to strive to look like others who are up on a pedestal in society.
2. Words are so heavy and so hurtful. Things from our childhood really can stick with us into adulthood. Commenting on other’s bodies can be a really dangerous thing to do as we don’t know what is really going on behind the scenes.
3. Fitness is really about doing it to build yourself up and be mentally fit and physically fit, not to chase a sometimes realistic expectation in society.
4. You can try all the diets and exercise constantly, but it isn’t until you shift your mindset into a healthier and more compassionate state that you’ll see your relationship with food and fitness shift.
5. Honor your body right now, not what it used to be. In holding onto old items for when you are at a “goal weight”, it can truly create so much shame in your fitness journey.
6.Our bodies are always communicating to us in what it wants to eat and how it wants to move. Lean into listening to it while knowing you can do something and give yourself grace instead of going all in and being extreme with how you respond.


Today, for our final guest of 2021 on the Being Whole podcast, I’m chatting with Danielle De Leon Guerrero. She is the founder of HER Women’s Veteran Society, which Danielle describes as “an organization that I referred to as my third baby. It has been a source of healing for me. I hope through the creation of my organization I can reach other women veterans like me and let them know they are not alone and remind them of the sisterhood they are a part of. ”

Danielle is a 35 year old woman combat veteran (OIF and New Dawn campaigns) that is also a mother to two amazingly talented daughters 12 and 7. She is a resident of New Braunfels for 3 years but her mother’s side has a deep personal connection as one of the founding families (Kneuper). She is a bi-racial child and was born in Guam and considers Bastrop, TX as her hometown as she was raised there. She is also a woman who works in the Tech industry and currently works for the City of Kyle as the first ever and only Systems Analyst. I’m so honored to share her journey of reclaiming her motherhood after returning from deployment with you today.

I wanted to let you know that I’m opening up an intimate elite coaching experience kicking off in January. You may be feeling like you are unhappy with how you’re navigating (or struggling to navigate) your boundaries with people or situations in your life. You are not alone, my friend. So many are struggling right now and I definitely feel like it’s a time of awakening to our next level. Join me in leveling up your relationships in the Elite Boundaries Group Coaching Experience to not only get to know where you’re needing to tighten or establish boundaries, but also how to understand what that looks like for you in 2022. Let’s build an authentic life that honors everything you need and want. DM me the word BOUNDARIES on Instagram (@DrCassandraLeClair) or on Facebook if we are friends. There are only a few seats available, so I encourage you to love yourself first and invest in feeling empowered for the next year! NOW, back to the episode with Danielle.


1. When you sign on the dotted line with the military, there will be things that you miss out on. It’s definitely okay to have mixed emotions about it all, to be grateful for the opportunity but also sad for what you will miss.

2. Documenting your journey during every chapter is a beautiful way to look back as a family and relive the good parts that may not have been shared/spoken about at the time.

3. People around you may not know what’s going to overwhelm you once you’ve come back from deployment.

4.In helping others in their healing journey, it provides an undercurrent of healing for your OWN journey. It also is a sense of accountability to keep you showing up and doing the work.

5. Reiki and mindfulness can definitely help you for the day to day . Also carving out time in your day to truly be awkward and uncomfortable in sitting with your feelings helps preventing the numbing of the stress of your life.



A Texas State Alumna x2, Addison Turner, recently opened her own business, Love, Addie Lyn. It is an online women’s clothing boutique that features apparel, accessories, shoes – and most importantly – is becoming all size inclusive. Having worked in the retail industry for a while and being a lover of fashion since she was young, Addison now gets to help women of all ages look and feel confident in items she carries in her store. If you’re looking for any holiday gifts, special occasion outfits, or want to splurge for yourself, check out!
Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well:
@ shoploveaddielyn

1-Sometimes we get stuck in the little details of a big idea, but when we are open for inspiration and guidance, you’ll know when the right detail clicks into place (like Addie Lyn with the name “Love, Addie Lyn”).

2-There’s so much more to owning a business than all the rainbows and butterflies that may be implied on social media. Taxes, customer service, and the day to day mundane tasks really can be overwhelming if you don’t have someone guiding you.

3-There really is such an abundance of space for all of us, even if sometimes we do similar things as others do. Truly collaborating and supporting others who are in different points of their journey builds up faith in humanity in moving the needle forward for all of us.

4-Entrepreneurial spirit can be contagious. Seeing others being inventive and excited about a new facet of their business can ignite your own flame for what you are doing.

5-If you’re curious about something, dive in and let yourself explore and learn. Starting before you’re ready can be a huge key in a snowball effect towards being confident in that role.

Don’t Create a Boundary Without Knowing This! | Being Whole Podcast


Last week, I hosted a boundaries masterclass and it was such a hit that I wanted to share a bit of it with you today. Before we kick off the episode, I want to share a really big announcement with you. Kicking off January 13th, I’m leading a group coaching experience for four weeks!

It’s an opportunity to work with me on an intimate level as we dive deep on forming boundaries that work for you and feeling confident in navigating them. I’ve never done something like this before and I’m so excited to support you in feeling like a boundary badass in 2022!

PLUS, there’s an exclusive BONUS for the first five who sign up. The first five people who sign up for the Elite Boundaries Experience will get a 45 minutes 1:1 coaching call with me that is valued at $250 alone. Spots are limited, so go ahead and click the link to sign up.

Register for class here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and DM me on Instagram @DrCassandraLeClair and I’d be happy to help out.

SEEING TRAUMA THROUGH A NEW LENS | Being Whole Podcast | Guest Tyndal Schreiner

Today on the podcast, we have Tyndal Schreiner.

Tyndal Schreiner is a licensed therapist, a writer, and an advocate who spends her days supporting women in therapeutic work and fighting mental health stigma. She is well-known for her unpolished and loving approach on social media and in the media. She specializes in supporting women who are navigating anxiety, trauma, and shame and serves clients all over the state of Texas. Thousands tune in to her Instagram to read “dear little me” letters on Sundays and to follow along with her work. Connect with her on Instagram @tyndalelizabeth or sign up for her monthly email at
Be sure to follow Cassandra on Instagram as there are important things being announced this week!


1. When something is on your heart consistently, there’s a reason. In Tyndal’s case, it was the trauma training that led her to sharing her wisdom on a platform like Instagram. Listen to that voice with the knowing that it may lead to something truly impactful.

2.Just because you help others in their journey doesn’t mean that you are healed. You essentially just have to be a few steps ahead of others while continuing to work on your own healing.

3. Not all content focused on healing will work for you. There is no “right way” to heal. Knowing this can prevent you from comparing your journey to someone else’s and also preventing the shame cycle that happens if you feel like you did something “wrong”.

4. In doing this work, the biggest gift is to accept and declare that you are not okay to not only yourself but your loved ones.

5. When you are in a room of women in a collective way in a safe space to connect in the way that Tyndal spoke about really opens up a beautiful door of true empowerment without comparison or ill intentions.


Kat Kyle Balmos is currently the owner of two stores in downtown New Braunfels: Lot 59 & The Local.

Kat graduated from Canyon High School in 1987 and went on to graduate from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1991.

Kat’s retail career spans 32 years. After college, Kat was hired by national retailer J.Crew to help with their expansion into Texas. She opened their first store in Dallas at North Park and then the Houston Galleria. In 1993 she was recruited by retailer Abercrombie & Fitch to begin its national expansion. Over the 8 years she was with A&F she held many positions, District Manager, Regional Mgr, Director of New Store Openings and National Director of Recruiting. During her time with A&F she lived in Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, DC, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, & Scottsdale.

Tired of excessive moving & traveling she left A&F to start a family and then found her way back to her hometown of New Braunfels in 2005.

She is a 6th generation New Braunfelser and a descendant of one of the founding families.


I’m hosting a free masterclass on becoming a boundary badass!
Join me on Tuesday, November 30th at 6PM Central Time
Click here to register

A few takeaways from my conversation with Kat:

1. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. Embracing the changes that are helping you grow as a human in a positive way can be one thing that helps you feel more appreciative to your surroundings.

2. Hard times don’t last forever. It’s important to allow yourself the time, space, and get help if needed, to properly process traumatic situations.

3. There are things that align so perfectly in life that really do feel like fate. Patience and belief that something good is coming really does pay off.

4. Shopping is really an activity that incorporates all the senses, even subliminally. Take note of how you feel in your shopping experiences and appreciate when a store does it right.

5. When you burn out, most of your creative energy really is stalled. Take some time to rest and recover so you can come back rejuvenated with a new drive.

6. We all have our gifts and when we can use our gifts to shine a light on others and their gifts, it’s a true unleveling of joy and gratitude.
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Today on the Being Whole podcast, we have Dominique Davison! Dominique brings passion, thoughtfulness and a sense of humor to her role as Marketing Manager at Stages, in Houston. With more than five years of varied experience, she offers an innovative approach to traditional marketing. Before joining Stages, Dominique assisted in special events and digital marketing for Houston’s Theater District where she was a part of the theater in Juvenile Detention Centers workshop. Dominique Davison holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Mass Communications from Texas State University. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling or patiently waiting for Rihanna to drop her seventh album. ⭐️Reserve your seat for the masterclass on 11/30 by clicking here:⭐️ TAKEAWAYS 1. You may find that you need to set boundaries and let go when it comes to friendships from previous chapters in order to claim your worth and step into the next version of you. 2. When your dream doesn’t quite feel as if it’s unfolding how you envision, a leap of faith in a slight pivot truly brings you to where you’re destined to be and what you’re destined to do. 3. When you have pride in what you’re doing, you’re able to step into your role in a different way with passionate energy. 4. Theaters are such a foundational aspect to society in many cities and people like Domonique are out trying to fix the standard to make these spaces more inclusive to the black and brown communities. 5. Once you step up and start advocating for yourself and your worth, you open up opportunities for immense growth in your life. 6. Choosing yourself and deciding to create a boundary while also knowing that the people who benefited from you NOT having that boundary will most likely be the ones that are the most upset. Remember that how someone reacts to your boundaries is none of your business, that’s on them. 7. If you’re choosing not to change something, we are choosing to accept it. Take a look in your life and try to be honest with WHY you are making decisions. 8. Everything isn’t about you. Everyone is leading busy lives and it’s so important (but very hard) to stop taking everything personally in order to live a life where you are responsive and not reactive.

Life After Prison: Removing the Stigma and Finding True Healing | guest Dr. Susie Bannon

Susannah (Susie) Bannon is an award-winning teacher, scholar, and public servant. Susie has a BA in Communication Studies (2012) from the University of Houston-Downtown, an MA in Communication Studies (2014) from Texas State University, and a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research examines the complex interplay between rhetoric and carcerality and has been published in Essays in Virtual Dark Tourism, The St. Louis University Public Law Review, and Captured Words/Free Thoughts. Susie advocates for prison abolition and higher education in prisons at the local and national level, and in 2017 she co-founded the Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates Network.

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that I created a guide to emotional intelligence, which is something to help you understand your emotions and learn how to regulate them!

It’s totally free and I can’t wait for you to check it out.

Here are a few of my takeaways from today with Susie.

1. All it takes is one person who believes in your future that unlocks everything for you and you may find yourself curious about a path you may have never considered.

2. It’s important as a collective to think of everyone as a human and remove the stigma of labels. Once a human is labeled something in a negative light, it takes away their humanness.

3. After being incarcerated, it can be nearly impossible for humans to volunteer or get a job and are often not even given a fair shake with employers simply tossing their applications without even considering them for the position.

4. Punitive consequences are not nearly as effective as social support and programs to really offer an alternative new leaf for humans that have been incarcerated.

5. There are things every day that can bring you back to your traumatic moments of the past, but it’s about looking at those layers and healing from it. There may be new triggers that arise, but choosing to lean in and learn how to heal yourself is so incredibly important in order to take your power back.

6. Journaling can be a really beautiful way to be able to name your feelings or experiences. From there, you can truly start to open up and heal.

7. In helping others by sharing your experiences and traumas, you are also in a way healing yourself.

8. Each person has their own lived experiences, so let’s take a step back and look at someone KNOWING that they’ve had their own journey and try to have more empathy for them.

Susie’s links:
Instagram: @elsooz
Twitter: @susannahbannon

Cassandra on Instagram:


In today’s episode, Cassandra shows up for a solo episode and gets really vulnerable.

She peels the layers back and gets uncomfortable with you. It’s a great reminder to all of us to keep showing up and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone so we can collectively evolve and become better.

This podcast is to show you the tools we have within us and how to effectively use them.

Thank you so much for listening today, I hope you’ve loved this solo episode.


Tracey Nefford is the Training and Development Manager for Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Galveston. Tracey and his husband Derek live in New Braunfels, Texas.  Tracey’s passions are team building, spending time with family/dogs, and gardening.  Using personal experiences and the journey that comes with being a leader, Tracey dives deeper into small town Texas, the loneliness of being a leader, and how to ground yourself when your world can’t seem to stop spinning. You can contact Tracey on LinkedIn or through instagram.

Grab your Emotional Intelligence Freebie here

My takeaways from today’s episode

1- Detaching from all you’ve known and exploring a new chapter in life is sometimes the perfect way to learn to live in your own skin and be confident in who you truly are as you are on the journey of self discovery.

2-Many people who did awful things many years ago may have matured and evolved to no longer harbor such strong feelings towards you in present day.

3-In living your life authentically and true to yourself and what you really enjoy in life, you find true happiness and success without worrying about outside expectations or opinions.

4-Remembering the low or perceived challenging times can help you to feel strength moving forward. “If we can make it through the Caesar salad chapter, we can make it through anything!”

5-When you are isolated with people who care and support you, it opens up such a beautiful opportunity for you to grow together and strengthen your relationship.

6-As a leader, nurture your employees or downline to either be skilled enough to do YOUR job or go off and do something incredible down the road. Having sincere intentions but knowing that many will move on eventually is a beautiful foundation.

7-In work and friendship, it can sometimes feel like a revolving door and it can feel lonely to know that others will not always be a lifelong connection. It takes a lot of strength to pour love into others while also letting them evolve and venture away from what you had together.

8-In the slow moments between chaos, be intentional with allowing yourself to slow down and take an aerial view of your days while finding hobbies to keep moving forward in having a purpose (like Tracey with making salsa and gardening).

9-Be mindful of where you FEEL your feelings in your body. Identify where it is and take the steps to ground yourself. Doing this consistently, you’ll start to notice patterns that arise and be quicker to pull out your tools to center yourself again.

10-Having rhythms to decompress is really helpful, like walking aimlessly through Target sipping coffee, taking laps in a park watching TikToks or sitting on a paddle board in the river playing on your phone. Allowing yourself to just kind of “check out” and quiet the noise from life around you and just being entertained is a great way to reset.

The Impact Vulnerability Has as a Leader | Colonel Matt Good | Being Whole Podcast

Colonel Matthew T. Good is a native of Texas. He went to Texas A & M University where he joined the Corps of Cadets where he excelled in scholastics and leadership training. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, where he has been an active duty officer for the last 26 years.

As a Marine, Matt has garnered many accolades and has led troops in combat during several deployments. He is highly respected and is currently serving as a Marine liaison to the US Senate.

Matt is not defined by his Marine Corps activities. He is an avid long distance runner and enjoys hiking the countryside with his wife and four kids. He is a world traveler, amateur archaeologist, writer and a true Renaissance man.

A few takeaways from my conversation with Matt Good

1- Be vulnerable about what you don’t know and lean into collaboration to grow.

2- Trust is not immediate, it is earned by showing you care in those little moments that build over time.

3- Even if an organization has failures, it’s really about coming together and believing that leading with vulnerability, trust and mutual respect is a winning approach.

4- Sitting down regularly in a safe space with others that have these shared beliefs or foundations can really keep your mental health strong whether you are stateside or abroad in the service.

5- Even when you lose your cool, be honest with those around you to let them know that your emotions may not actually be in result of what they did but something that is completely separate from them.

6-  If you’re not intentional, your career will continue to take and take until you realize you’ve got nothing left to give and nothing left for yourself to live a comfortable life.

7- It’s important to realize what is truly important to us and being mindful about what can wait until a later time. In being self aware in these two areas is how we can truly find a balance in our lives.

8- We are feeling beings who also think. Deliberately managing the water in your cup is important to be a person you feel proud to be. 

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How Your Vision Can Bring You Out of Darkness with Melodie Graves | Being Whole Podcast

Today, we welcome Melodie Graves to the podcast!

Here are a few takeaways from today’s episode:

A few thoughts as I look back on this episode:
-There are so many things that bring you down in life, especially if you suffer with depression. You have to set healthy boundaries to truly create the change you need in your life to move forward.

– Racial battle fatigue and mental fatigue are real. Know that you are worthy and important enough to take care of yourself in order to help other people. Knowing your worth is something we need to work on every day. You have to have the inner voice that says no matter the day, no matter the situation or circumstance, you are worthy.

– When you have a vision and no one else sees that vision, you have to keep pushing because you know that your vision is going to benefit everyone.

-At the end of the day, it comes down to you saving yourself and coming up out of the darkness. Love yourself first because once you have a strong relationship with yourself, everyone else in your life that supports you is like icing on the cake.

– What happened to George Floyd sparked so much fire to fight for justice with black lives in America. Look outside and lead with passion to cultivate change. Coming together and healing TOGETHER is what comes after you love yourself first because you’ve cleared the mental space to take on the next level.

– We can all go and thank someone who inspired us. Telling them about the transformation that they helped contribute to is one of the biggest compliments you can give someone.

– Validating other people’s feeling is the first step of the conversation that may be uncomfortable. Put yourself in their situation and strive to reflect in a way that you’re confident that you handled it as a respectful person.

– How are you nurturing yourself every day? Find little ways, even if it’s just putting positive affirmations on sticky notes through your home, to lift yourself up , pour love into yourself and give yourself grace.

Connect with Dr. Cassandra LeClair on Instagram

Melodie on Instagram

Melodie’s TEDx talk

Melodie Graves earned her Associate’s Degree from Amarillo College and her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
from West Texas A&M University, both in Communication. Melodie has worked in higher education for more than
13 years because she truly feels that the only way to grow is to be educated. In 2010, Melodie then started at
Amarillo College and over the years has gone from advising to in August of 2019 Melodie being named the
Associate Director of Academic Advising at Amarillo College. At AC Melodie also serves at the Chair of the Diversity
Team, and a member of the Anti-Racism Taskforce. Additionally, Melodie was selected to be part of the
Presidential Leadership Institute 2017-2018 and she is a trained Donna Beegle Poverty Coach. Melodie is also the
Foster Care Liaison and the Justice Involved Advocate for the College.
In the community Melodie stays extremely busy serving on 9 different boards. She is the 2 nd Vice President of the
Amarillo Branch NAACP, the President of North Heights Advisory Association, and was selected to the Board of
Directors for Opportunity School. Melodie also serves on the Board for the Leaders Readers Network and a board
member for the Friends of the Library. Melodie is the President of the Amarillo United Citizen’s Forum Board,
serves on the Rezoning Committee for the North Heights Neighborhood Plan, and a member of Junior League
Amarillo/Canyon. Melodie will be part of the 2021/2022 Leadership Amarillo/Canyon and serves on the United
Way Amarillo/Canyon Diversity Committee. Recently, Melodie traveled to Texas State University where she gave
her first TedX Talk on the Power of the Amplified Voice.
Melodie is the mother of Ashton and he is a 13-year-old who loves basketball and has so much love to give this
world. He is an 8th grader at Austin Middle School.

When Curiosity Leads to a Life of Physics | Dr. Patrick LeClair | Being Whole Podcast

About Dr. Patrick LeClair

Dr. LeClair’s research at the moment focuses on electrical transport in novel magnetic heterostructures (“spin electronics”), superconductivity, and electron tunneling phenomena. Dr. LeClair is currently building up a shared laboratory for electrical, magnetic, and optical characterization of novel materials and devices down to ultra-low temperatures (less than 400mK) and high magnetic fields (greater than 7T).

He is the author of over 25 publications and co-author of two patents.

Dr. LeClair received his PhD in physics (cum laude) from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2002. From 2002-2005, he was a post-doctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory. He joined the Department of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Alabama in 2005.

Patrick R. LeClair

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Passion to Profit: Making Your Dreams a Reality | Sacred Thomas | Being Whole Podcast

Today, we welcome Sacred Thomas to the podcast. He’s truly an inspiration as an example of having your eye on the prize (your dream) while also being curious as to how exactly it all works out.

All social media:

A few takeaways
– As Sacred said in today’s episode, “If time or money were no object, what would I be doing?” Ask yourself this OFTEN and be open to what this leads to!

-Although the process may take a few dips and loops on the way to finding your purpose, when pieces finally click, everything feels really easy. You’re going to have to fail a few times to get to the next step. Know that you don’t quite have the mindset that you need to get to the next level yet. Keep trying and hold the vision close!

-Never stop dreaming. Always be curious of how you can turn your passion into money. If you’re interested in learning how to do something (for example: growing your social media), there is most likely an online course or a YouTube video to give you the tools that you need to kick everything off.

-Working to find your passion and purpose excites you and refuels you to keep repeating the cycle.

-When you don’t give yourself any other option, then it really fuels you to figure it out and make it happen.

-Your success isn’t directly tied to money. Stay strong in your morals and your “Why” and when you’re living in alignment in your business and life, that’s where the true sweet spot of success is.

Living a Vibrant Life with a Stage IV Diagnosis | A CONVERSATION WITH Jen Reynolds

Jen Reynolds is the founder of Pink Warrior Advocates, a breast cancer nonprofit that gives back to our local community of Warriors. After having been diagnosed with breast cancer, Jen felt it was important to ensure no one ever battled their diagnosis alone. She believes in living a beautiful life despite her stage iv diagnosis. Jen love to travel, loves adventure, loves meeting new people, but most importantly, she loves to live with purpose. PWA is her purpose and she hopes to encourage and inspire others to share their struggles, to live as if tomorrow doesn’t exist, and to find hope and joy in every single day.

Breast cancer is not just found in older women, younger women even in their 20’s are being diagnosed with this as well.

Sisterhood pays off in so many ways and really is a beautiful thing to support others and feel supported when you need it most.

When you come from a place of service and passion, it can be the lifeline that helps you feel motivated to wake up every day.

 Keeping an optimistic mindset is allowing yourself to go down that dark hole and feel the feelings but also giving yourself the privilege of looking at the positives of how your life has changed since your diagnosis.

Going through a journey like this can truly open up so many magical moments that you feel appreciative for on a whole new level as if with new lenses.

Make the most memories with the time that you have. Being able to look back and see all the happy moments is such a gift to you and those around you!

Doing the energetic work of becoming really self aware of how you’re responding to things around you and maintaining a positive mindset is not easy. But it pays off for you each and every day that you are able to step back and not let the little things ruin your day. 

We are all terminal. No one is going to get out of this alive. Let’s not leave things left unsaid or leave things left undone. Choosing how we spend each moment and where we share our energy can make life so much more enjoyable.

If you’re buying things that are to support something, make sure you do your research and be confident in the organization you are supporting.

Breast cancer changes someone at so many levels. Grieving who they were prior to their diagnosis and loving the person they are today is one of the most loving things you can do for them.

You get to do live a life of joy as well, you just have to choose to. Don’t stop making plans. Those plans help you to continually have something to look forward to.

You can find more info at , and if you’re in the New Braunfels area, watch for the pink flamingos in the area to raise money. Flocking someone’s yard is a great way to honor someone who is a warrior or survivor and feel free to reach out as the pink flamingo flocking will be happening during the entire month of October.

Bras for a cause on the 14th- live auction will be online

Follow the Facebook page to learn of upcoming events that you can get involved in!

Want to send a kit to someone who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Apply to send them a kit via the website! This is available nationwide!

The Reality of Being Anti-Racist in Today’s Society | A CONVERSATION WITH Qy’Darrius McEachern

As a social justice + antiracism educator, Qy’Darrius McEachern has committed himself to researching and educating people on the systemic oppressions impacting us every single day through an antiracist lens. Qy’Darrius is the founder of McEachernSpeaks, which specializes in providing an IMPACTFUL experience through consultations, workshops, + conversations aimed at leading organizations to analyze unjust systems and create equitable spaces.

We all have gifts to share with the world and if you find yourself doing similar work to Q, it’s important to be asking for adequate compensation! Your knowledge carries so much value to those you serve, so honoring yourself is how you live in alignment.

Growth is uncomfortable. Being anti racist in a society that has been created around racist structures and policies is uncomfortable. It’s so impactful to spark these conversations to learn to live the message that black living matters while black people are still living and breathing on the earth today.

Being a true ally to support and advocate change is the key for us all to live comfortably together in this world.

Rest is radical. How are you stepping back from things and creating an energetic and emotional boundary around things that may be triggering to you? Disconnecting from these things are so important to be the best you for those around you and the mission of moving forward and creating true change.

Social media can be toxic if you’re not intentional with how and where you share your voice about social justice and other hugely important topics. It’s one thing to post about something, but what are you doing behind the scenes to create positive change or making efforts to unlearn?

Change doesn’t always come in one conversation. Keep having conversations to create change because if we are not actively advocating and supporting anti racist change, then we are supporting the racist culture by non involvement or silence.

We can listen and learn forever, but it’s time to take action and create change!

Be intentional with having an accountability partner to ground you to remind you to do things regularly to do things that keep you whole, whether that is breath work or music or exercise.




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