Living a Vibrant Life with a Stage IV Diagnosis | A CONVERSATION WITH Jen Reynolds

Jen Reynolds is the founder of Pink Warrior Advocates, a breast cancer nonprofit that gives back to our local community of Warriors. After having been diagnosed with breast cancer, Jen felt it was important to ensure no one ever battled their diagnosis alone. She believes in living a beautiful life despite her stage iv diagnosis. Jen love to travel, loves adventure, loves meeting new people, but most importantly, she loves to live with purpose. PWA is her purpose and she hopes to encourage and inspire others to share their struggles, to live as if tomorrow doesn’t exist, and to find hope and joy in every single day.

Breast cancer is not just found in older women, younger women even in their 20’s are being diagnosed with this as well.

Sisterhood pays off in so many ways and really is a beautiful thing to support others and feel supported when you need it most.

When you come from a place of service and passion, it can be the lifeline that helps you feel motivated to wake up every day.

 Keeping an optimistic mindset is allowing yourself to go down that dark hole and feel the feelings but also giving yourself the privilege of looking at the positives of how your life has changed since your diagnosis.

Going through a journey like this can truly open up so many magical moments that you feel appreciative for on a whole new level as if with new lenses.

Make the most memories with the time that you have. Being able to look back and see all the happy moments is such a gift to you and those around you!

Doing the energetic work of becoming really self aware of how you’re responding to things around you and maintaining a positive mindset is not easy. But it pays off for you each and every day that you are able to step back and not let the little things ruin your day. 

We are all terminal. No one is going to get out of this alive. Let’s not leave things left unsaid or leave things left undone. Choosing how we spend each moment and where we share our energy can make life so much more enjoyable.

If you’re buying things that are to support something, make sure you do your research and be confident in the organization you are supporting.

Breast cancer changes someone at so many levels. Grieving who they were prior to their diagnosis and loving the person they are today is one of the most loving things you can do for them.

You get to do live a life of joy as well, you just have to choose to. Don’t stop making plans. Those plans help you to continually have something to look forward to.

You can find more info at , and if you’re in the New Braunfels area, watch for the pink flamingos in the area to raise money. Flocking someone’s yard is a great way to honor someone who is a warrior or survivor and feel free to reach out as the pink flamingo flocking will be happening during the entire month of October.

Bras for a cause on the 14th- live auction will be online

Follow the Facebook page to learn of upcoming events that you can get involved in!

Want to send a kit to someone who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Apply to send them a kit via the website! This is available nationwide!