Tracey Nefford is the Training and Development Manager for Schlitterbahn New Braunfels and Galveston. Tracey and his husband Derek live in New Braunfels, Texas.  Tracey’s passions are team building, spending time with family/dogs, and gardening.  Using personal experiences and the journey that comes with being a leader, Tracey dives deeper into small town Texas, the loneliness of being a leader, and how to ground yourself when your world can’t seem to stop spinning. You can contact Tracey on LinkedIn or through instagram.

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My takeaways from today’s episode

1- Detaching from all you’ve known and exploring a new chapter in life is sometimes the perfect way to learn to live in your own skin and be confident in who you truly are as you are on the journey of self discovery.

2-Many people who did awful things many years ago may have matured and evolved to no longer harbor such strong feelings towards you in present day.

3-In living your life authentically and true to yourself and what you really enjoy in life, you find true happiness and success without worrying about outside expectations or opinions.

4-Remembering the low or perceived challenging times can help you to feel strength moving forward. “If we can make it through the Caesar salad chapter, we can make it through anything!”

5-When you are isolated with people who care and support you, it opens up such a beautiful opportunity for you to grow together and strengthen your relationship.

6-As a leader, nurture your employees or downline to either be skilled enough to do YOUR job or go off and do something incredible down the road. Having sincere intentions but knowing that many will move on eventually is a beautiful foundation.

7-In work and friendship, it can sometimes feel like a revolving door and it can feel lonely to know that others will not always be a lifelong connection. It takes a lot of strength to pour love into others while also letting them evolve and venture away from what you had together.

8-In the slow moments between chaos, be intentional with allowing yourself to slow down and take an aerial view of your days while finding hobbies to keep moving forward in having a purpose (like Tracey with making salsa and gardening).

9-Be mindful of where you FEEL your feelings in your body. Identify where it is and take the steps to ground yourself. Doing this consistently, you’ll start to notice patterns that arise and be quicker to pull out your tools to center yourself again.

10-Having rhythms to decompress is really helpful, like walking aimlessly through Target sipping coffee, taking laps in a park watching TikToks or sitting on a paddle board in the river playing on your phone. Allowing yourself to just kind of “check out” and quiet the noise from life around you and just being entertained is a great way to reset.