Sharing Stories and Building a Business on Social Media

Today on the Being Whole podcast, I’m discussing with Katie Love how she got into this social media business and how she’s navigated motherhood and up-leveling in her company. Katie got her start in the news industry, from stations all across the country to the Today Show and The White House. While covering the news wasn’t her true calling, it did develop a strong storytelling talent and a desire to connect with people. Katie understood the power social media was gaining and wanted to use it to help female-led businesses thrive—while also easing the pressure and stress that comes with running a business. So, with a strong support system and a leap of faith, she started Love Social Media. These days, Katie enjoys helping her clients take social media off their plates and loves managing her talented, family-like team.

You can find more of Katie’s content and offers here:

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Here are a few takeaways from my episode with Katie.
1-Hiring a team can be a daunting but necessary next step to growing your business. You, as one person, can max out very quickly if you don’t start bringing on team members to help you show up as your best self in your business.
2-Working for a small business, you’ll find that it’s more likely that management or ownership will take your needs into consideration because you are seen as a human and not just an employee badge number.
3-Being a leader or business owner is a delicate dance that we do to find the balance of work and home to maintain a healthy relationship with your responsibilities without burning out.
4- Your business journey may look completely different than your wildest dreams. But as Katie has shown, you can lean into curiosity and make big things happen for not only yourself but for your family and so many others around the world.
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