Today, we have my friend Julie Afsahi joining us from Soul Strong Yoga!Julie is a mother, yoga and meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and passionate yoga practitioner. Yoga has been Julie’s life support and allowed her to regain mobility after years of dealing with a rare neuromuscular disease. Julie is a big believer in sharing the practice of yoga and meditation to all and has rich insight when it comes to adaptive yoga.

Prior to opening Soul Strong Yoga, Julie was a teacher and instructional designer, designing online trainings for tens of thousands of educators. Julie leads a business mentorship program for yoga teachers and entrepreneurs and is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher. You can study yoga and mindfulness with her at virtually at teachyogaforall.com or in-person at soulstrongyoga.com.

There’s so much going on and our attention is being pulled in 1,000 directions (or so it feels) and, often times, we find ourselves neglecting our self care. I created a self care guide to help you get intentional with your practice along with a routine tracker to ensure you are showing up and caring for yourself in the ways that you crave the most.

Head over to Instagram and DM me the term “Self Care” and I will send you the link to get the download!

1. Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself, even inward. This is such a powerful practice when we are so out of control with our bodies with disease or conditions.
2. Sitting still with ourselves can be a very uncomfortable thing to adjust to. But through yoga, you can learn what your body is trying to tell you. It’s a journey to become self aware and truly in tune with how to care for yourself in your days.
3. Through yoga, you build your own security and warm embrace instead of depending on other people to hold space for us.
4. Some days are really hard and, even if you have a long list of exciting things to do in your day, your body may dictate otherwise. As frustrating as it may be, it’s important to accept if you need to cancel or need to rest when it’s inconvenient.
5. You may see the path you WANTED to take unfolding for someone else and feel a wave of grief around what could have been if you weren’t navigating health challenges.
6. Parenting is a very challenging journey as you cannot always be as present as you wanted to be at different points in your illness.