Today, I welcome my friend Jessica Hille. She is a real estate agent, a mother, a wife, and her passion for life is refreshing. Her mental health journey and her love for people intertwined to point her in the right direction in her career. She shares about how she curbs the negativity in her own thoughts, expresses her boundaries and holds them, and how she has learned to move forward in life while loving herself.

1. You don’t know what experience will end up thrusting you into personal development and truly taking a step back and assessing so many areas in life.
 2. When making a big change in life, you’ll find yourself looking for support in ways you may not have had before.
3. When you have a demanding job or are juggling many hats, it’s important to schedule time off on a regular basis to recharge and avoid professional burnout.
4. When we overextend for other people and that effort is applauded, we don’t even realize there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.
5. Even if you WANT to do something or even if what you are doing is something that is GOOD for the world, like volunteering, you have to really evaluate how much is on your plate and say no.
6.Our inner dialogue is such a huge clue if we’ve been giving enough love to ourselves. If you realize you’re being unkind to yourself, then it may be a really great time to see how you can give more love to yourself than to others.

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