Kat Kyle Balmos is currently the owner of two stores in downtown New Braunfels: Lot 59 & The Local.

Kat graduated from Canyon High School in 1987 and went on to graduate from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1991.

Kat’s retail career spans 32 years. After college, Kat was hired by national retailer J.Crew to help with their expansion into Texas. She opened their first store in Dallas at North Park and then the Houston Galleria. In 1993 she was recruited by retailer Abercrombie & Fitch to begin its national expansion. Over the 8 years she was with A&F she held many positions, District Manager, Regional Mgr, Director of New Store Openings and National Director of Recruiting. During her time with A&F she lived in Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, DC, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, & Scottsdale.

Tired of excessive moving & traveling she left A&F to start a family and then found her way back to her hometown of New Braunfels in 2005.

She is a 6th generation New Braunfelser and a descendant of one of the founding families.


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A few takeaways from my conversation with Kat:

1. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. Embracing the changes that are helping you grow as a human in a positive way can be one thing that helps you feel more appreciative to your surroundings.

2. Hard times don’t last forever. It’s important to allow yourself the time, space, and get help if needed, to properly process traumatic situations.

3. There are things that align so perfectly in life that really do feel like fate. Patience and belief that something good is coming really does pay off.

4. Shopping is really an activity that incorporates all the senses, even subliminally. Take note of how you feel in your shopping experiences and appreciate when a store does it right.

5. When you burn out, most of your creative energy really is stalled. Take some time to rest and recover so you can come back rejuvenated with a new drive.

6. We all have our gifts and when we can use our gifts to shine a light on others and their gifts, it’s a true unleveling of joy and gratitude.
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