SEEING TRAUMA THROUGH A NEW LENS | Being Whole Podcast | Guest Tyndal Schreiner

Today on the podcast, we have Tyndal Schreiner.

Tyndal Schreiner is a licensed therapist, a writer, and an advocate who spends her days supporting women in therapeutic work and fighting mental health stigma. She is well-known for her unpolished and loving approach on social media and in the media. She specializes in supporting women who are navigating anxiety, trauma, and shame and serves clients all over the state of Texas. Thousands tune in to her Instagram to read “dear little me” letters on Sundays and to follow along with her work. Connect with her on Instagram @tyndalelizabeth or sign up for her monthly email at
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1. When something is on your heart consistently, there’s a reason. In Tyndal’s case, it was the trauma training that led her to sharing her wisdom on a platform like Instagram. Listen to that voice with the knowing that it may lead to something truly impactful.

2.Just because you help others in their journey doesn’t mean that you are healed. You essentially just have to be a few steps ahead of others while continuing to work on your own healing.

3. Not all content focused on healing will work for you. There is no “right way” to heal. Knowing this can prevent you from comparing your journey to someone else’s and also preventing the shame cycle that happens if you feel like you did something “wrong”.

4. In doing this work, the biggest gift is to accept and declare that you are not okay to not only yourself but your loved ones.

5. When you are in a room of women in a collective way in a safe space to connect in the way that Tyndal spoke about really opens up a beautiful door of true empowerment without comparison or ill intentions.