Today on the Being Whole podcast, we have Dominique Davison! Dominique brings passion, thoughtfulness and a sense of humor to her role as Marketing Manager at Stages, in Houston. With more than five years of varied experience, she offers an innovative approach to traditional marketing. Before joining Stages, Dominique assisted in special events and digital marketing for Houston’s Theater District where she was a part of the theater in Juvenile Detention Centers workshop. Dominique Davison holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a minor in Mass Communications from Texas State University. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling or patiently waiting for Rihanna to drop her seventh album. ⭐️Reserve your seat for the masterclass on 11/30 by clicking here:⭐️ TAKEAWAYS 1. You may find that you need to set boundaries and let go when it comes to friendships from previous chapters in order to claim your worth and step into the next version of you. 2. When your dream doesn’t quite feel as if it’s unfolding how you envision, a leap of faith in a slight pivot truly brings you to where you’re destined to be and what you’re destined to do. 3. When you have pride in what you’re doing, you’re able to step into your role in a different way with passionate energy. 4. Theaters are such a foundational aspect to society in many cities and people like Domonique are out trying to fix the standard to make these spaces more inclusive to the black and brown communities. 5. Once you step up and start advocating for yourself and your worth, you open up opportunities for immense growth in your life. 6. Choosing yourself and deciding to create a boundary while also knowing that the people who benefited from you NOT having that boundary will most likely be the ones that are the most upset. Remember that how someone reacts to your boundaries is none of your business, that’s on them. 7. If you’re choosing not to change something, we are choosing to accept it. Take a look in your life and try to be honest with WHY you are making decisions. 8. Everything isn’t about you. Everyone is leading busy lives and it’s so important (but very hard) to stop taking everything personally in order to live a life where you are responsive and not reactive.