Today, I sit down and speak with a young mom named Lupita! Lupita is a mom of 3 with PTSD. She lived through child sexual abuse and a couple of addictions. Now, Lupita makes videos on Instagram to connect with others on similar healing journeys and is also working on a podcast to help people in the same place she was by offering support and tools that can help.

Here are a few takeaways from today’s episode with Lupita.
1. Once you find yourself entering motherhood, there are times that you may be faced with your past trauma. It’s so important to be aware and be open to doing the work to heal these wounds in order to offer the most solid foundation for your children.
2. It’s important to find a healthy outlet to release your feelings.  Lupita found a beautiful way to offer support along her healing journey by making videos on Instagram.
3. It’s so powerful to be open and curious with your medical providers to find medication that works for you. Not all medications will work well with your body, and as our bodies are always speaking to us, listen to what it is saying to you and ask for help from your medical provider if something doesn’t feel right.
4. When you begin to look at your past trauma, you may think it’s a small thing and then realize how much is really hidden underneath that is needing to also be healed.

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