Creating Personal Transformation through Gamification

Today, on the Being Whole podcast, I welcome Sandra Love! Sandra is a transformational systems specialist consulting & empowering integrity-driven leaders, high end executives, and business owners with emotional intelligence & big business success solutions through gamification, certification & reconciliation. She’s designed a fun (and powerful) board game that focuses on personal growth and healing.

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Here are a few of my TAKEAWAYS from today’s episode.
1-Your bliss is something that you uncover through asking yourself the hard questions and then learning to dance with it. Bliss isn’t a one size fits all prescription, but it’s beautiful once you are open about your journey.
2-You can bring fun into your healing through games as Sandra has created.
3-The ultimate love you can find in life is the self-control within us, so we don’t feel the need to control people or situations.
4-A $150,000 car won’t fulfill you if you haven’t faced the hard questions and done the inner work to heal.
5-Making friends with your shadows and learning how to walk your daily walk without having shame is one of the most important things you can do to feel true joy and alignment.