How Big Name Coaches Are Gaslighting You

Today on the Being Whole podcast, we welcome Rachael Kay Albers! Rachel is a creative director, and brand strategist for businesses that burn the rulebook. When she’s not working with rulebreakers and renegades to set fire to the box instead of thinking inside it, she writes and educates about the intersection of branding, pop culture, tech, and identity. She hosts Marketing Muckraking, the podcast that asks “What is brand culture doing to us?”
This conversation is incredibly validating and eye opening. Let’s not waste any more time and just dive in!


1. There will always be coaches or marketers who sell you on the idea that THEY were sold to. Overnight successes are rare, so let’s be aware of the red flags that may be popping up when considering signing up for a course or coaching experience.
2. If you’re not seeing the success that you’ve been silently (or not so silently) promised from a course, know that you are in the majority. Most people are NOT seeing the successes, but it’s not about anything you did wrong through your experience. It’s about the misleading projections that were sold to you.
3. The stakes are higher now and with so many having experienced financial hardships, we’ve become desperate in finding something to save us. At the end of the day, courses are rarely the answer.
4. The system is designed to consistently sell us what is next. It’s not designed to actually fulfill us and help us succeed. Being aware that there’s always going to be something else as an upsell can help us be more mindful of our decisions.