Today, on the podcast, we have Iesha Williams. Iesha is a former high school teacher turned content creator and coach. Iesha has over 10 years in the education industry at the secondary and post-secondary level including teaching, mentoring, curriculum design, adjunct instructor, instructional coach, and more. She holds a Master’s of Education, Principal Certification, and over 500 hours of completing and presenting Professional Development. Over the last two years, Iesha has combined her love of fashion and helping others to create ieshasinsight, LLC, a fashion and lifestyle brand. By helping others monetize their social media through working with brands, creating their own brand, and everything in between, Iesha has been able to help dozens of clients achieve their social media goals.On today’s episode, we speak about life as a social media influencer, letting our strengths work FOR us in a new role, and how to navigate inconsistent or unpredictable money flow.

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1- Showing up on social media continually pushes you to be more disciplined because there are days when you won’t feel motivated to post anything. But there’s a beauty in being your own boss that allows you to put up boundaries for yourself to protect your energy and mental health.
2-There are times when you are worried about what others say (or may say) about you when you step into a new role, but you may find yourself met with an outpouring of support from those that know and love you as if it’s inevitable for you to do something like this.
3-Life is not about chasing the dollar. You have the power to say no to opportunities that don’t feel in alignment for you in situations where you and the other party may not be a good fit for each other. Even though this may bring up old money stories, there needs to be this undercurrent or belief that the money is coming from somewhere.
4-It’s possible to have a day job while also exploring your passion on the side. This is a stable way to start a new lifestyle while still having money coming in regularly. It’s rare and unrealistic to quit your day job and go full in on a passion if you’re just at the beginning stages without proof of concept or income yet.