Today, for our final guest of 2021 on the Being Whole podcast, I’m chatting with Danielle De Leon Guerrero. She is the founder of HER Women’s Veteran Society, which Danielle describes as “an organization that I referred to as my third baby. It has been a source of healing for me. I hope through the creation of my organization I can reach other women veterans like me and let them know they are not alone and remind them of the sisterhood they are a part of. ”

Danielle is a 35 year old woman combat veteran (OIF and New Dawn campaigns) that is also a mother to two amazingly talented daughters 12 and 7. She is a resident of New Braunfels for 3 years but her mother’s side has a deep personal connection as one of the founding families (Kneuper). She is a bi-racial child and was born in Guam and considers Bastrop, TX as her hometown as she was raised there. She is also a woman who works in the Tech industry and currently works for the City of Kyle as the first ever and only Systems Analyst. I’m so honored to share her journey of reclaiming her motherhood after returning from deployment with you today.

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1. When you sign on the dotted line with the military, there will be things that you miss out on. It’s definitely okay to have mixed emotions about it all, to be grateful for the opportunity but also sad for what you will miss.

2. Documenting your journey during every chapter is a beautiful way to look back as a family and relive the good parts that may not have been shared/spoken about at the time.

3. People around you may not know what’s going to overwhelm you once you’ve come back from deployment.

4.In helping others in their healing journey, it provides an undercurrent of healing for your OWN journey. It also is a sense of accountability to keep you showing up and doing the work.

5. Reiki and mindfulness can definitely help you for the day to day . Also carving out time in your day to truly be awkward and uncomfortable in sitting with your feelings helps preventing the numbing of the stress of your life.