A Texas State Alumna x2, Addison Turner, recently opened her own business, Love, Addie Lyn. It is an online women’s clothing boutique that features apparel, accessories, shoes – and most importantly – is becoming all size inclusive. Having worked in the retail industry for a while and being a lover of fashion since she was young, Addison now gets to help women of all ages look and feel confident in items she carries in her store. If you’re looking for any holiday gifts, special occasion outfits, or want to splurge for yourself, check out!
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1-Sometimes we get stuck in the little details of a big idea, but when we are open for inspiration and guidance, you’ll know when the right detail clicks into place (like Addie Lyn with the name “Love, Addie Lyn”).

2-There’s so much more to owning a business than all the rainbows and butterflies that may be implied on social media. Taxes, customer service, and the day to day mundane tasks really can be overwhelming if you don’t have someone guiding you.

3-There really is such an abundance of space for all of us, even if sometimes we do similar things as others do. Truly collaborating and supporting others who are in different points of their journey builds up faith in humanity in moving the needle forward for all of us.

4-Entrepreneurial spirit can be contagious. Seeing others being inventive and excited about a new facet of their business can ignite your own flame for what you are doing.

5-If you’re curious about something, dive in and let yourself explore and learn. Starting before you’re ready can be a huge key in a snowball effect towards being confident in that role.