On today’s episode, we welcome Investor, serial entrepreneur, and coach, Emi Kirschner! Her mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to build their empires and reach beyond 7 figures by helping them build more profitable businesses. Masterfully combining her deeply intuitive abilities with her analytical sense and her 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience, Emi helps ambitious women business owners disrupt the status quo and become leaders in their industry by teaching real world strategies, not just the latest fad marketing tactic. Emi is the host of the Tribe of Leaders Podcast where she dives into deep conversations with entrepreneurial thought leaders and visionaries who share their experiences of building their empire.

IG: @theemikirschner

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1. Sometimes, just by providing help to others, you’ll be hit with the realization that you are meant to do something.
2. You are absolutely qualified to do things that you may not have certification for. Overcoming that imposter syndrome is challenging, but there are definitely ways for you to step into the new space once you embrace help.
3. Having a support system in business is amazing, but having an outside perspective like a coach can bring so much clarity and forward movement that you may be lacking in other areas.
4. There are coaches that are willing to help from point A to point L and walk you through the process instead of giving you advice and expecting you to follow through on your own. If you need extra hand-holding, there are coaches out there that will happily do that.
5. Vocalizing your needs can lead to beautiful moments that help you lighten your load.