Mental Health Advocacy for Children (with the Neurodiverse Teacher)

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston (The NeuroDiverse Teacher) is an Education Consultant currently living and working in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Her areas of focus as an education consultant are K-12 and Corporate mental health and neurodiversity engagement.

As an education consultant, she has worked with thousands of students and families in addition to some of the major global management consulting firms. After more than 15 years in the school setting, Dr. Eccleston left classroom teaching to significantly amplify her impact on mental health and neurodiversity approaches in schools and workplace settings.

In 2022, Dr. Eccleston was selected as one of WomLEAD Magazine’s Leaders Shaping Women’s Entrepreneurships Future. In August 2022, she participated in season 5 of The Blox- The Largest Competition TV Show on The Planet for Startups.

Dr. Eccleston’s education history includes a Doctor of Education in Mind, Brain, & Teaching from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Science in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University, and a Certificate in Educational Leadership and Administration from Hood College. She is an Adjunct Professor at Towson University in their Secondary and Special Education Graduate Programs. Additionally, she is a National Board-Certified Teacher, Exceptional Needs Specialist and holds an Advanced Professional Educator Certificate.

When she isn’t working to advance mental health and neurodiversity in the education and corporate setting, Dr. Eccleston loves spending time with her family and taking on new and exciting adventures.

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1-There are times when everything seems to be going wrong or against your plan. But ultimately, it may be setting you up for an opportunity that you had never thought was an option for you before.
2-Going to therapy can help you see your boundaries clearly that help set you up to navigate your focus or energy in the future to avoid hitting a mental wall.
3- Little things can definitely put you over the edge after being in fight or flight for so long with ADHD or PTSD. Voicing your limits and asking for help or delegating tasks can be an option to take a weight off of you.
4-It is completely normal to be high energy at one point of the day and then completely drained and treading water at another point of the day. Giving yourself grace and knowing that this is all part of the process or healing can be really helpful, even though it can be hard.
5- Stress is going to come no matter what, but it’s better to cope with it in the healthiest way you can WHEN it happens without worrying about when and how it will happen ahead of time.
6-Getting help is more accessible than ever to help you heal from your traumas. We will include different links to start your journey to get help on your mental health journey in the show notes below.


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  1. ADHD has an unfortunate stigma attached to it. Not everyone is bouncing off the walls out of control. Some are introverted and calm, with too many tabs open.
  2. Life circumstances can almost always justify your overwhelm, so the possibility of ADHD isn’t the first thought for many.
  3. Sometimes, forcing yourself to make decisions slowly, when possible, can be a pivotal change in how you run your business or live your life.
  4. Being open about your challenges with those you regularly interact with, like a boss or people close to you, can help bring understanding and an opportunity to see that there may be a way to meet in the middle between what you can realistically do and what others expect from you.
  5. Hone in on what you’re good at and delegate anything else you can, because there is no shame in asking for help. You won’t be able to do everything, even everything that OTHERS can do easily.
  6. When noticing someone else being a bit harsh or unkind, learning to come at it with a curious point of view and wondering what is going on behind the scenes can help you humanize others without defining them by their decisions.