Today, we have Patricia Goodman Hayward on the show. Patricia holds an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University in the College of Professional Studies. In addition, she developed the concentration in Cross-cultural Communication for the master’s in Corporate and Organizational Communication. She earned her Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership from The George Washington University and Master of Liberal Arts from Harvard University. She is certified in the communications effectiveness methodology, CQ Cultural Intelligence, and is an Intercultural Communication Edge Trainer, ICEdge. She has such a lovely mission all about cultural transformation that I cannot wait to share with you today. Let’s dive into today’s episode.

Women Community leaders and their impact global change makers
LINKED IN GROUP: Recognizing Women Community Leaders on a Global Scale

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1- You can highlight female leaders while also being inclusive to the men in your community. Men can be a positive support to your mission as well.
2- Sharing your story is impactful, but including reflection and prompts or questions at the end of chapters can really take your writing to the next level for the reader.
3- By diving in on different cultures, you can see how social media can both connect us as a collective but also how much impact it can have within the smaller local community.
4-The more we question things or people in the world, the more we can open up ourselves for new ideas or new understandings in a beautifully vulnerable way.
5- What “success” is isn’t always defined by whether you hit a goal in sales or revenue, but rather how many lives were impacted in a positive way because of the project.