The Reality of Being Anti-Racist in Today’s Society | A CONVERSATION WITH Qy’Darrius McEachern

As a social justice + antiracism educator, Qy’Darrius McEachern has committed himself to researching and educating people on the systemic oppressions impacting us every single day through an antiracist lens. Qy’Darrius is the founder of McEachernSpeaks, which specializes in providing an IMPACTFUL experience through consultations, workshops, + conversations aimed at leading organizations to analyze unjust systems and create equitable spaces.

We all have gifts to share with the world and if you find yourself doing similar work to Q, it’s important to be asking for adequate compensation! Your knowledge carries so much value to those you serve, so honoring yourself is how you live in alignment.

Growth is uncomfortable. Being anti racist in a society that has been created around racist structures and policies is uncomfortable. It’s so impactful to spark these conversations to learn to live the message that black living matters while black people are still living and breathing on the earth today.

Being a true ally to support and advocate change is the key for us all to live comfortably together in this world.

Rest is radical. How are you stepping back from things and creating an energetic and emotional boundary around things that may be triggering to you? Disconnecting from these things are so important to be the best you for those around you and the mission of moving forward and creating true change.

Social media can be toxic if you’re not intentional with how and where you share your voice about social justice and other hugely important topics. It’s one thing to post about something, but what are you doing behind the scenes to create positive change or making efforts to unlearn?

Change doesn’t always come in one conversation. Keep having conversations to create change because if we are not actively advocating and supporting anti racist change, then we are supporting the racist culture by non involvement or silence.

We can listen and learn forever, but it’s time to take action and create change!

Be intentional with having an accountability partner to ground you to remind you to do things regularly to do things that keep you whole, whether that is breath work or music or exercise.